Apple - Steve Jobs iPhone 4 emails are fake

Apple has poured cold water on those Steve Jobs iPhone 4 emails we told you about yesterday. It seems the apparent correspondence between the Apple head honcho and a raging customer about the iPhone 4 signal problems was a work of fiction not fact. While there have been plenty of legit Steve Jobs emails in the past, we should have known that he’d never call iPhone 4 “just a phone”…

When Boy Genius Report revealed a set of emails purporting to show Steve Jobs attempting to mollify an enraged Apple fan over iPhone 4 signal issues, it seemed pretty plausible. After all, during his appearance at the D8: All Things D conference Steve Jobs talked about responding to customer emails and we’ve seen plenty of examples in the past.

But Fortune reports that a senior Apple spokesperson has denied outright that Steve Jobs wrote the emails with AppleInsider reporting that someone tried to sell it a similar set earlier this week. Boy Genius Report has now added screenshots and email headers to its post but it’s now its word against Apple’s.

The Boy Genius Report piece has also been altered to attribute the final email in the exchange (“Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.”) to the iPhone 4 owner and not Steve Jobs.

Since Apple hasn’t commented on the veracity of previous Steve Jobs emails that made it onto the web, it really does seem that this time the whole conversation was a figment of the writer’s imagination.

For something you can rely on, check our comprehensive iPhone 4 review. And rest assured, in the future we’ll look even more sceptically on folk claiming to have emails flung forth from the Jobbsian iPhone.

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