Three scraps unlimited data for your own good

Three’s unlimited data plans are being scrapped from today. But before you get up on your high horse, although it might not sound like it, Three are actually doing you a favour in changing your unlimited data plan mid-contract.

Previously Three’s fair usage small print for unlimited data plans sat at 500MB, and going over that meant you were at risk of some hefty charges of 10p per MB. Now, in an effort to build greater transparency, they’re scrapping the term ‘unlimited’ and giving everyone 1GB.

This sounds confusing, but fundamentally, Three is doubling your not-so-unlimited data plan from 500MB to 1GB. This will be happening to all customers on Three’s unlimited data plans over the next few weeks.

Three CEO Kevin Russell said: “One of the mistakes I’ve made, which is unfair, is to talk about about unlimited as unlimited, and we’ve been lead by the rest of the market. We’ll be closing down unlimited over the coming months, and letting people know that there will be changes to their contracts.

“This is about being fair and transparent in our communication, and getting rid of this air of cynicism which is starting to build in consumers.”

Three backed up its decision, stating that the amount of customers using more than 1GB is negligible, the average usage being about 200MB. Three will also be offering options to bolt on 1GB a month for £5 to some contracts.

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