iPhone 4 signal problems - Steve Jobs emails aggrieved customer

The iPhone 4 signal problems have got lots of Apple fans a little hot under the collar and one has gone as far as emailing Steve Jobs with a series of aggrieved missives. And as we know from previous Steve Jobs email correspondence, the Apple boss isn’t afraid to get stuck in. Read on for the latest word from Steve Jobs on the iPhone 4 signal problems…

An unnamed Apple customer fired off an email to Steve Jobs about the iPhone 4 signal problems saying “co-workers with Androids are mocking us” and concluding “I’m ashamed to be a Mac fan”. He also calls Apple “arrogant and rude” after reading the leaked iPhone 4 support documents and Apple’s official iPhone 4 signal advice.

The emailer had apparently previously posted a video detailing the iPhone 4 signal problem to YouTube and been contacted directly by Apple. He claims Apple told him that online chatter about iPhone 4 signal issues was “rumour hysteria” and asked him not to post any more videos. That clearly didn’t go down well.

Steve Jobs replied to the angry iPhone 4 owner with one his characteristically brief missives: “…you are getting all worked up over a few days of rumours. Calm down.”

That led to a further enraged email from the customer who told Steve Jobs: “I am really insulted…“Calm down”… “rumours”…what arrogance. This will be marked as the beginning of the end of Apple…I just had dinner with 3 people with iPhone 4s and we all can’t make calls without dropping…”

Despite the customer’s growing rage, Steve Jobs retained his Buddhist calm and replied: “You are most likely in an area with very low signal strength.” That again got the guy’s goat and in another email further expanding on his iPhone 4 signal problems, he dubbed Jobs’s emails: “Jackass comments.”

After promising that Apple is working on the issue, Steve Jobs concluded the correspondence with the aggravated customer with another ultra-short, ultra-calm email: “Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.” Seriously, Steve Jobs called the iPhone 4, “just a phone”!

The iPhone 4 owner definitely seems to have got a little too angry in his emails to Steve Jobs (you can see the full thread at Boy Genius Report) but does he have a point? Should Apple be doing more to address the iPhone 4 signal problems? Or is this an ongoing storm in a teacup? Let us know.

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