iPhone 4 - Class action filed over antenna

The saga of the iPhone 4’s dodgy signal just keeps getting worse for Apple. Today sees not only another PR nightmare brought to life in a Steve Jobs missive, but also the first class action brought against Apple and AT&T over the iPhone 4.

The lawsuit was filed over in the States yesterday, in Maryland to be precise, by Kevin McCaffery and Lynda Wrinn. It makes nine claims, including deceptive trade practices and fraud by concealment. Wrinn and McCaffery are after compensation, and are asking the courts to stop Apple selling the iPhone 4 until the shonky signal design is fixed.

With such deep pockets, Apple and AT&T will surely put up an impressive fight, but McCaffery and Wrinn might be at an advantage with a jury trial, especially if Jobs on the stand is the same as Jobs via email.

The legal action does however, also guarantee that the iPhone 4’s signal problems aren’t going to be swept under the carpet – this beef could turn epic, and we’ll probably still be hearing about it when the next iPhone rolls around, if it reaches court.

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