HP Palm deal done - webOS netbooks, phones and tablets incoming

HP has finally completed its purchase of Palm and got its hands on webOS. While we’ve been told to expect the HP Slate reborn with webOS and even HP webOS printers, netbooks looked like they were out of the picture. Put perusing the announcement trumpeting the Palm deal, we noticed that webOS netbooks are part of the plan after all and folk worried that the Palm Pixi Plus marked the end of Palm smart phones can breathe easy…

At the end of a long statement about its Palm purchase, HP details just what it wants to do with webOS. It says: “Palm will be responsible for webOS software development and webOS-based hardware products from a robust smartphone roadmap to future slate PCs and netbooks.”

That little slice of corporatese should mean we’ll see the iPad-rivalling HP Slate break cover soon and promises to give Microsoft more than a few headaches. HP is already Android netbooks like the HP Compaq Airlife 100, with its own OS could very well skip Windows 7 license fees and make all its netbooks webOS warriors.

While some of HP’s webOS plans are a little mundane (webOS printers, anyone?), we’re pretty excited to see what an injection of cash from Palm’s new parent could produce.

Let us know: what are you predictions for the future of Palm? Can a webOS slate truly take on the iPad? And would you pick up a webOS netbook? What does Palm need to do to win you over?

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