iPhone 4 signal problems - are you bothered

The iPhone 4 has problems locking on to a strong signal when held a certain way. We’ve replicated the problem with our own iPhone 4, but while we couldn’t get the Vodafone signal to drop completely, it did lose several bars when cradled in our left claw. It has to be said though, we were squeezing pretty hard, and actively trying to force a problem out of Apple’s latest gadget. With that in mind, under everyday use, are you bothered that there’s a potential iPhone 4 problem here?

Give us your comments below, or vote in our poll. We want to know how you feel about the iPhone 4 and it’s slightly flaky antenna abilities: Are they a niggling annoyance, just the excuse you’ve been looking for to splash out on Apple’s pricey iPhone 4 Bumper case, or a dealbreaker in choosing a new phone.

iPhone antenna problems: are you bovered?

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