Nintendo Wii 2 3D plans teased

Nintendo has gone 3D crazy with the Nintendo 3DS and it seems it’s already contemplating plans for another 3D console. But unlike the Xbox 360 3D and PS3 3D schemes, it isn’t currently planning to add 3D to the Nintendo Wii. Instead we’ll have to wait for the Wii 2. Read on for the latest runic pronouncements from Nintendo head honcho Satoru Iwata…

Interrogated by a Japanese newspaper on Nintendo’s future 3D plans now the Nintendo 3DS has been revealed to the world, Iwata discussed making the Wii 3D:

“If you display a 3D image, the image quality becomes extremely bad, so we’d probably do it with the next system. We’re thinking that the timing should be once 3D television adoption rates cross the 30% mark. We’re looking at the adoption trends.”

We’ve previously heard serious talk of a Wii 2 or Wii HD emerging in 2011. While Iwata’s words are cautious, if the Nintendo 3DS flies off the shelves we wouldn’t be surprised to see a 3D-enabled Wii 2 following it. With the new Xbox 360 and PS3 Slim out in the wild, the Wii is the only console in this generation to remain unchanged.

Iwata went on to stress that Nintendo is not just jumping on the 3D bandwagon. With a hat tip to the troubled Virtual Boy, he said: “Nintendo had an eye on the charms of immersive 3D for games and released a 3D game machine 15 years ago but the technology was not ready…two years back we finally had the technology and parts to make a satisfying product.”

Now Nintendo has delivered the Nintendo 3DS, do you think it should turn its attention to building the Wii 2? Let us know what features would make it into your dream Nintendo Wii 2. Is 3D on your wishlist?

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