Microsoft Kinect games - first titles revealed

Microsoft Kinect has broken cover and the first batch of Microsoft Kinect games have emerged with it. We’d been expecting some Wii Fit-style sports games, a Sonic Natal title and white-water rafting adventures in River Rush but what do the first Microsoft Kinect games actually deliver?

Sadly Sonic didn’t make his Microsoft Kinect debut in the early hours but another famous franchise did. The biggest news among the Microsoft Kinect games was an untitled Star Wars adventure. You take the role of a Jedi rushing at Stormtroopers, deflecting laser bolts and deploying The Force. The Microsoft Kinect demo also showed a battle with Darth Vader himself.

Kinectimals is an entirely different prospect, the sweetest of the debut batch of Microsoft Kinect games. The title will let you train and play with 20 different virtual animals. In the Microsoft Kinect demo, the beast on show was a baby tiger which you can pet and train with a simple set of gestures. It reminded lots of people of Milo, the virtual boy shown during the first Natal demo.

Kinect Sports seems like Wii Sports with the controller consigned to the waste bin. There’s boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track and field, football and table tennis.

Joyride is an update of an existing Xbox Live racing game. The Microsoft Kinect controls mean you grab a virtual wheel to steer, use gestures to accelerate and fling yourself around to pull off jumps and tricks.

Kinect Adventures includes the River Rush whitewater rafting game as well as an obstacle course for up to four players. In the rafting section, you lean to steer and again jumping in front of the Microsoft Kinect camera executes tricks and gains you extra points.

The other Microsoft Kinect games unveiled during the event were Dance Central, a dancing game from MTV Games, and an untitled yoga game. The yoga title using the joint detection software shown in the Natal demo video to ensure players are making the correct posture.

What do you make of the first Microsoft Kinect games? Are you intrigued? Or are these nothing more than we’ve come to expect from the Nintendo Wii?

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