Samsung Wave - How to manage all your social networks with My Account

Managing one social network is hard enough, with friends constantly posting photos, comments and invites online, but what do you do when you’re trying to maintain three – short of breaking down and crying? The Samsung Wave has the solution, and it’s very, very simple.

The social powerhouse
The engine that keeps the Samsung Wave’s social skills ticking over is My Account. It sounds innocuous, but it’s one of the most important built-in features of the phone. My Account rounds up all of your email and social networking accounts, keeping them in one easy-to-manage herd.

Once you’ve inputted all your login details, you can forget about having to sign in again – your Samsung Wave will do that for you. Your Wave will also check out what’s going on at Facebook HQ, or whichever network you use, every now and then to see if there’s anything interesting you’re missing out on. You can set how often My Account checks for these updates manually, with the standard presets varying from every half and hour to once a day. There’s a custom option if you want to be more precise too.

My Account deals with email accounts too, but when most of these can manage updates automatically with a Push service, it’s the social networks – Twitter, Facebook and Myspace – that benefit from the My Account treatment the most. It’s like having a social secretary at your fingertips, to tell you when party invites go out and embarrassing drunk photos are posted online.

You can get to My Account through the simple app link that sits on the Samsung Wave’s menu. Fill it in and forget about it, we say, but remember the magic it’s weaving in the background.

Show and tell
My Account is the backend half of the Samsung Wave‘s social networking equation. It’s the bit that might end up underappreciated, but does most of the work. If it does end up the underdog, it’ll be because the Feeds & Update widget and Social Hub app steal its thunder – because they’re a bit special too.

Feeds & Update picks all the latest messages, updates and posts harvested by My Account and displays them as a single feed that you can flick through with a thumb swipe on your home screen. You can’t beat it for a quick catch-up while waiting for a train, eating breakfast – whenever you have a minute or two to spare.

Social Hub is My Account’s true other half. It’s a one-stop social networking and email app that gives you access to all your inboxes and social streams in one place. You can view each separately, which is a good thing when mixing Twitter’s verbal diarrhoea with Facebook’s more occasional updates can result in chaos, buy you’re never more than two clicks away from another stream.

If the makers of the Samsung Wave had thought less about the phone’s social networking, they might have made My Account and the Social Hub one app, but this way all the ugly bits kept apart from the day-to-day interface, making managing your virtual social life even easier. Few phones handle social networking as well as the Samsung Wave.

Check out the Samsung Wave in action…

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