Mac Mini upgrade incoming, Shortages hint at new arrival

The Mac Mini isn’t the Apple product at the forefront of most people’s minds at the moment. But while we’re desperately pining for the arrival of iPhone 4.0 and pondering the likelihood of a new Apple TV headed our way at WWDC, tales of stock shortages suggest a Mac Mini upgrade is on the cards. Is Apple planning to add the Mac Mini to its menu of upcoming treats? Come on in for all the clues rounded up and rated…

Reports have been rushing in to AppleInsider that universities and schools trying to bulk buy batches of the Mac Mini have had their orders delayed. Buyers are being given a new delivery date of June 14. The last time Mac Mini shortages were reported, in September last year, the latest version of the Mac Mini emerged the following month.

The Mac Mini update is rumoured to finally be adding HDMI to Apple’s little box of tricks as well as perked up graphics using the Nvidia MCP89 chipset. AppleInsider says the same tipster that spilled key details about the recent Macbook Pro refresh has whispered it the Mac Mini specs.

The last Mac Mini update in October added faster Core 2 Duo processors and a top of the line model that ditched the optical drive for a pair of 500GB hard drives. Surely this time, Apple needs to give one of its most neglected products an even bigger refresh.

What features would you like to see in a brand new Mac Mini? With the iPad available from £429, could it be time for Apple to slash the price?

Out now | From £510 | Apple (via AppleInsider)

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