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The iPad is a decent e-reader out of the box, sure, but there are several iPad accessories you’ll want to get the best literary experience out of Cupertino’s slate, whether you’re a fan of iBooks, or Amazon’s Kindle iPad offering.

We’ve raved about its comic reading abilities, but if you’ve got your eyes on a full length iBooks title, or using the iPad as a cooking companion, you’ll want to take a look at our list of top iPad accessories right here. Read on for the very best peripherals.

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So you’ve downloaded the latest Wired issue iPad app, or a new iBook. You can sit back on the settee and peruse it on your iPad, or you can do it with old school style using a handmade Book case, that gives the tablet the look and feel of a hardback book – just one that plays video too. The Book iPad accessories are made to order, and can have custom text on the front cover and spine.

iPad accessories: must have add ons

Wood Grain iPad tripod stand
Not all reading is done on the sofa or in bed: the iPad is a great way to check out recipes while you cook, but you’ll need appropriate iPad accessories to prop it up. This custom made stand available on Etsy is definitely one ideal solution if you’ve nabbed that Jamie Oliver app: it props the iPad up at just the right angle for while you’re chopping, and since it’s made from wood, can easily be rinsed under the tap should you spill that ragu all down the side.

If you’ve already amassed a library of digital books, you’ll want to stick them on your iPad quickly and easily. Unfortunately, while Apple’s tablet plays nice with the EPUB format, it’s not so keen on many others. Grab the free Calibre software for PC, Mac or Linux however, and you can convert just about any format that isn’t DRM locked into an EPUB document, ready for reading.

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