iPad UK Launch - Apple stores to open early Friday

The iPad commeth! And for those planning to queue outside the doors of your local Mac sanctuary, Apple’s doing you a favour: the iPad-maker will be flinging its retail doors open early this Friday, saving you an extra hour on the pavement.

Emailing out its intentions to the Mac faithful, Apple says “The Apple Retail Store is the best place to experience iPad. Have one of our Specialists show you all the amazing things it can do. If you buy one, we’ll even help you get set up and running,” adding that all Apple retail stores will open at 8am on Friday, rather than the usual 9am.

Will you be camping out to get an iPad as soon as they’re on sale, or did you pre-order to win a few extra hours in bed?

Shout up in the comments below, and if you’re heading to London’s flagship Apple store on Regent Street, look out for our roving reporter Stephen Ebert. He’ll want to take your photo with an iPad!

Out Friday | From £429 | Apple

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