Google Chrome Web Store - iPad battling app market place revealed

Google Chrome and Google Chrome OS are going to get their very own iTunes App Store rival – the Google Chrome Web Store. It’ll let you buy web apps directly from Google Chrome and a clutch of apps revealed in the demo make it clear that Google Chrome Web Store will be a major weapon for tablets planning to take on the iPad

The Google Chrome Web Store is headed for the Chrome browser soon and will be a key part of Chrome OS. Apps can be built with HTML 5, Flash (sorry, Apple) and wide range of other standards. When you download them from the store they’ll be added as shortcuts in Google Chrome but will also work in other browsers.

Google’s demo of the Google Chrome Web Store showed its gunning for developers who are already enamoured with the iPhone and iPad. Both Tweetdeck and the uber-popular iPhone and iPad game Plants vs. Zombies took starring roles while a HTML5 version of Sports Illustrated also got a showing. The latter shows Google Chrome could seriously with the iPad for the growing batch of magazine apps.

Another really interesting inclusion was Lego Star Wars. It’ll run within Chrome and deliver full 3D gameplay using HTML 5. It looks like Google Chrome OS netbooks and tablets are really going to tussle with the iPad for the hearts of casual gamers.

Google says you’ll be able to buy apps from the Google Chrome Web Store with one click as you can in the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store. We’re promised that the Google Chrome Web Store will arrive very soon but there’s no firm date yet.

Let us know: will the Google Chrome Web Store be the secret weapon for Chrome OS netbooks and tablets?

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