iPhone 4.0 - all white model planned

iPhone 4.0 could come in an all white version if the latest iPhone 4.0 leak is on the level. White front and back panels for the new iPhone have popped up online. Would you spring for an entirely white iPhone?

The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS were both offered with a white back, now an image posted to Taiwanese Apple rumour repository Apple.pro appears to show a white iPhone 4.0 front panel.

The new image matches both the detached front piece which popped up in an iPhone 4.0 video with a painful Coldplay soundtrack in April and the design shown in the iPhone 4.0 leak.

One of the iPhone 4.0 questions we pondered when the new iPhone first popped up online was whether we might see it offered in a range of colours. While an all-white iPhone wouldn’t be as wild as the fruit pastel pallette of the original iMac, the white back on the iPhone 3GS was definitely popular.

If Apple offered a white iPhone 4.0 would you choose it over the more sedate black option? And if you did, would you put it in one of these iPhone 4.0 cases?

Due TBC | £TBC | Apple (via MacRumors)

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