HP webOS tablet and printers incoming

HP has big plans for the Palm webOS. While we’ve just heard that the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are about to hit the UK, HP has been looking to the future and it doesn’t just hold an HP webOS tablet. There are  webOS-packing printers on the way too. Seriously…

Those rumours that the HP Slate could be ditching Windows 7 in favour of webOS are looking ever more reasonable. During HP’s earnings call, its CEO Mark Hurd outlined its plans for Palm and they’re pretty wide-reaching.

Hurd said HP will put “webOS into a variety of form factors including slates and web-connected printers.” That last part is a new suggestion but it makes sense. HP has already launched an app store for the HP Photosmart Premium, building webOS into new models would simply take that a step further.

Prior to being pounced on by HP, Palm boss Jon Rubenstein talked up the potential of webOS tablets but there’s no reason the OS shouldn’t make its way into lots other devices. HP also says it will even sling the mobile OS into netbooks which will could give Chrome OS netbooks a run for their money.

Let us know: do you think webOS has what it takes to power the tablets and printers of our dreams?

Due TBC | £TBC | HP (via CNET)

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