iPhone 4.0 screen technology revealed

iPhone 4.0 screen rumours were doing the rounds even before the first iPhone 4.0 leak. But now a report has gone further giving details of the firms supplying the iPhone 4.0 screen technology. And it seems the information fits rather well with all the whispers we’ve heard before. Read on for a closer look at the iPhone 4.0 screen rumours…

DigiTimes has detailed the parts it claims Apple is planning to pack into the new iPhone display. It says the iPhone 4.0 will use panels supplied by LG with a resolution of 960 x 640. That’s the same figure previously quoted in iPhone 4.0 specs from Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.

If it’s right, that means iPhone 4.0 will have double the resolution of the iPhone 3GS and outstrip Android rivals like the Nexus One (800 x 400) and the HTC Legend (320 x 480). The report also claims the new iPhone will incorporate fringe-field switching (FFS) to improve viewing angles and visibility in bright sunlight.

Apple has already confirmed that iBooks are headed for iPhone 4.0 and the rumoured screen tech could make it a seriously compelling option for reading ebooks as well as allowing for improved video. The iPhone 4.0 screen is also said to be 33% thinner in order to free up space for a bigger battery.

The report repeats claims that iPhone 4.0 will pack the iPad-powering Apple A4 processor but with one crucial difference. While the A4 was spotted in teardowns of the prototype revealed in the recent iPhone 4.0 leak from Vietnam, that phone was only packing 256MB of RAM like the iPhone 3GS and iPad. The new report claims iPhone 4.0 will have 512MB.

We’re only a few weeks away from WWDC when Apple should unveil iPhone 4.0. What do you make of the proposed specs for the new iPhone and what features are you still hoping for?

Due TBC | £TBC | Apple (via DigiTimes)

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