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An Amazon Kindle Android app is on the way. Amazon has announced that it’ll be extending its virtual library to Google’s OS sometime this summer. And unlike owners of the iPad Kindle app and iPhone Kindle app, Android lovers will be able to buy ebooks from Amazon straight from their phone…

The Amazon Kindle Android app is currently pegged as “coming soon” but it’ll come packing the features we’ve become familiar with in other Kindle apps including the ability to sync your bookmarks across devices, add notes and highlights and read in portrait or landscape mode.

Unlike the Kindle for iPad and Kindle for iPhone apps, the Amazon Kindle App will let you buy books from within the app itself. iPad and iPhone owners currently have to hop over to Safari to shop for titles. The Kindle for Blackberry app also has let’s you make in-app ebook purchases so the difference is down to Amazon’s clash with Apple’s iBooks app.

Other details on the Amazon Kindle Android app are pretty thin on the ground at the moment but Amazon has put up a page where you can register your interest. The good news is that the Amazon Kindle Android app will work with any handset running Android 1.6 or over.

Expanding to as many devices as possible is all part of Amazon’s strategy in the ongoing iPad Kindle battle. We’re also promised Kindle integration in the forthcoming Dell Streak tablet.

Due TBC | £free | Amazon

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