Lovefilm Samsung TV streaming now activated

Lovefilm streaming for Samsung Internet@TV owners has gone live. We’d been expecting to see the service pop up last month but Lovefilm has just announced that it’s flipped the switch. Read on to find what to expect from Lovefilm Samsung TV streaming…

If you’ve got a Samsung Internet@TV set and are a Lovefilm Unlimited subscriber, you can access Lovefilm streaming via your TV right now.

Lovefilm Samsung TV streaming gives you access to categories including Pick of the Week, Most Watched and Highest Rated as well as the archive of films available to Lovefilm Unlimited customers.

If you’re a Lovefilm customer with one its capped packages, you’ll need to upgrade to the Unlimited deal before you can access the Samsung TV streaming.

Lovefilm streaming on Sony Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and home cinema systems has been active since March so it’s great news that Samsung fans are now able to catch up.

Lovefilm’s deal with Samsung only covers TVs at the moment but streaming for Samsung Blu-ray players and home cinema systems is promised. If you’re far away from your living room, take a gander at our Lovefilm Samsung TV streaming hands-on and make sure you read our exclusive on Lovefilm console streaming.

Out now | £free with subscription | Lovefilm

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