iPad WiFi problems - Apple confirms update

iPad WiFi problems have been reported ever since the Apple tablet emerged in the US. But if you’ve already got your hands on an iPad or snapped one up as part of the iPad UK preorders worry not, a fix is on the way. Apple has confirmed an update is coming and offered up some workarounds to help in the meantime…

In a support bulletin in April, Apple conceded some users have suffered iPad WiFi problems when using some dual-band WiFi routers: “Under certain conditions, iPad may not automatically rejoin a known WiFi network after restart or waking from sleep. This can occur with some third-party WiFi routers…”

On the Apple support site, the company offers up some solutions to common iPad WiFi problems including updating your WiFi router’s firmware, using WPA or WPA 2 security rather than WEP and renewing the IP addresses in your iPad’s WiFi settings.

Apple has now confirmed that it is working on an iPad update to deal with those iPad WiFi problems and others related to weak signals and unreliable network connections. It hasn’t confirmed when the iPad update will arrive but hopefully it’ll get here before iPad UK preorders start landing on May 28.

When the update to fix the iPad WiFi problems, it’ll be available free from iTunes so you won’t miss it. Let us know if you’ve had iPad WiFi problems or any other niggles with your new tablet. If you’re still waiting to decide if you want one, take a look at our iPad UK review.

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