iPad printing support confirmed by Steve Jobs

iPad is definitely the word of the day with iPad UK preorders open and iPad UK 3G data plans to unpick. And once again Steve Jobs has revealed a forthcoming iPad feature in one of his extremely economical emails. Eager for iPad printing support? Read on for Steve Jobs’s latest Buddha-like pronouncement…

The last Steve Jobs email that slipped out into the wild took on Android but this time he’s back on Apple’s own products, responding to a customer query about iPad printer support. With no ports to let you just plug your iPad into a printer, you’re currently stuck sending documents via email or the iPad iTunes filesharing feature.

That’s clearly frustrating one Apple fan who fired off an email simply asking: “Dear Steve, why no iPad printing? What gives?” Steve Jobs replied in similarly short order with the philosophical statement: “It will come.”

That three word answer from Steve Jobs isn’t all that helpful but does give extra credence to investigations of iPhone OS 4.0 that suggested iPad printing was on the way.

The support pages for iWork also currently state: “Printing directly from iPad is not currently available.” Those last three words combined with the Steve Jobs email say we can expect iPad printing soon.

What other features do want added to the iPad? And what would email Steve Jobs?

Due May 28 | from £429 | Apple (via MacRumours)

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