Vodafone data charges cause web worry

Vodafone has announced that it will start charging customers who go over their 500MB a month data limit from June 1. That means owners of phones including HTC Desire will no longer be able to stray over the limit without paying a penalty. Read on to find how much indulging in data with cost you…

The network informed customers about the change to its data charges in a post on the official Vodafone forums. From June 1, if customers use more than their 500MB allowance, they’ll receive a warning and be charged for the extra data. For monthly bundle customers that’ll mean new Vodafone data charges of £5 for every 500MB after the first 500MB.

Vodafone says its introducing the new data charges to “make it fairer for everyone” and the penalties for straying out of your 500MB allowance aren’t exactly harsh. However, Vodafone customers have shown their displeasure with the change both on the forum where the post originally appeared and Twitter.

On the Vodafone forum, a user called TheLibertine was frustrated that “[Vodafone] give 1GB to the iPhone and Nexus One…and changes these conditions AFTER everyone has bought a Desire with only 500MB.”

The official Vodafone Twitter account (@vodafoneUK) was also deluged with messages from customers unhappy that the network will now strictly enforce the 500MB cap. Vodafone no longer advertises “unlimited” data tariffs but customers had previously been able to duck extra charges for straying over their limits.

Did you snap up an HTC Desire and now find yourself feeling frustrated about the new Vodafone data charges? Or do you think it’s reasonable for the network to put a cap on how much data one customer can use?

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