iPhone OS 4.0 - new features revealed

iPhone OS 4.0 has emerged after a new batch of tweaks as iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 and landed in the hands of developers. There’s a fistful of new features including file sharing which should make their first proper appearance when iPhone 4.0 launches. Read on for a rundown of Apple’s latest inclusions…

Apple shutdown USB syncing for iPhone apps in February but it looks like iPhone OS 4.0 will introduce a better solution. Plug an iPhone with iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 installed into a computer and you’re given the option to drag files to and from the phone in iTunes. At the moment it just works for Mail but more apps are bound to get the privilege.

Down in the iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking interface, Apple has whipped up a new set of widgets for controlling the iPod app. Swipe to the left and you’ll find controls to play, pause, switch between tracks and open the full app. It’s similar to the current iPod shortcut menu but other apps are likely to get their own widgets in the final version of iPhone OS 4.0.

The iPad already has a switch to lock the screen orientation but iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 adds that option for the iPhone. There’s now a Portrait Lock icon included in the multitasking interface. Apple’s also tweaked the multitasking method to make it easier to close multiple apps.

Have you installed iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 and spotted something else? Let us know. And hit the comments with suggestions for other features you think Apple should include in iPhone OS 4.0.

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