Google Android tablet prototype video - Adobe flaunts Flash skills

A Google Android tablet prototype popped up on Adobe’s stand at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco and an enterprising blogger managed to capture video of the seriously rough-and-ready device. Check out the Google Android tablet prototype video to see the interface in action.

The Google Android tablet prototype spotted by Zedomax was far from the polished specimens we’re expecting to see later in the summer. Clad in a clear acrylic enclosure with its circuitry visible, it was definitely just for demonstration purposes. However, as the video shows the Google Android OS was easily able to handle Flash and Adobe Air apps.

We’re promised a rash of Google Android tablet options over the next few months with the Samsung S-Pad rumoured to be headed our way soon, the Asus Eee Pad due in July and the Dell Mini 5 lurking in the wings. The Google Android tablet prototype video suggests their Flash support could prove Steve Jobs wrong.

Could a Flash-sporting Google Android tablet tempt you away from the iPad? Or is the idea of a Google Chrome OS slate more appealing?

Due TBC | £TBC | Adobe (via Zedomax)

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