Spotify update adds social features

A Spotify update rolls out this week, introducing Spotify Social into the free and paid for music streaming service, it’s been revealed. The 0.4.3 Spotify update brings tight Facebook integration, profiles, and the option to import your own songs to it – changes so drastic in fact that Spotify is calling it a “next generation” upgrade. Is it? Read on for the details and the video demo.

The latest Spotify update brings a raft of new features to both the free and paid for versions of the song streaming program, beginning with Spotify Social. Once you’ve downloaded the Spotify update, you’ll be able to log in to Facebook through the application, and add Spotify friends by typing in their username. Spotify users can also publish profile pages of their music history (This is optional of course).

The Spotify Social feature also adds the option to send and receive Spotify tracks with an inbox folder, while a Facebook feed shows status updates of music posted to the social networking site. Finally, the Spotify Social element to the Spotify update also lets you see popularity counts and usernames for those subscribed to playlists.

Spotify iPhone app adds, iPod integration

But the Spotify update doesn’t stop there. Even if you’re not a musical exhibitionist, you’ll want to take advantage of the new Spotify Library option, which lets you import your own songs into Spotify to manage as much music as possible from one pane, instead of having to cycle between it and iTunes. Import your library, and Spotify will add links to artists and album pages where possible too. Finally, the Library feature in the Spotify update also allows for wireless syncing, so you can copy your music to mobiles with the Spotify app (And a Premium subscription) without a USB cable.

Take a look at the new features in the Spotify update in the video below, and snag it from the Spotify site, right now. Will you be using Spotify Social, or are your playlists private? Let us know your thoughts.

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