Nokia N8 official, All the details

UPDATE: Want to get your hands on the Nokia N8 as soon as possible? Then pre-order the Nokia N8 on Vodafone. But don’t forget to eye our Hardcore Guide to learning everything there is to know about using the N8. From taking photos to making Hollywood grade movies, it’s all there. We’ve also got the first video of the Nokia N8 in action, as well as a gallery of all Nokia’s official N8 photos.

The Nokia N8 is here. After more leaks than a bullet-ridden cauldron, Nokia has officially unveiled its flagship smartphone, replete with a 12 megapixel camera, and all-new Symbian 3 software. Read on for all the Nokia N8 specs.

The Nokia N8 is a looker, there’s no doubt about it. That slinky touchscreen design has touches of the N97 about it, but with a few classier angles, and no kick-out keyboard.

This is an all-touch phone, like the Big N’s nemesis: The iPhone. Unlike the iPhone, however, the Nokia N8 has a whopping 12 megapixel camera, able to record and edit video at 720p HD resolution. There’s even a HDMI output so you can slap the Nokia N8’s footage all over the big screen.

There’s Dolby Digital Plus surround sound inside too, and a new Web TV app to give one-touch access to, well, TV from the web.

The Symbian 3 software inside the Nokia N8 is multi-touch capable too with the likes of pinch-to-zoom all present and correct. However, while it’s nice to see the N8 screen is a capacitive number, leaks in recent days followed by these official pictures are still leaving us struggling to find too many interface differences from existing Symbian devices. It’s not a huge leap forward, and everything will be familiar to existing Nokia owners.

Storage wise, the Nokia N8 is packed with 16GB as standard, while a microSD slot means it’s expandable up to 48GB.

As you’d expect, the new Nokia N8 comes with social networking chops too. There’s Facebook and Twitter integration, with updates pouring in to your homescreen, as well as Ovi Maps Walk and Drive navigation built in.

The Nokia N8 will be on sale in the “third quarter” of 2010, and will cost €370, or £320, before taxes.

Out Q3 | €370 (£320) | Nokia Conversations

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