MeeGo smartphone and netbook design revealed - photos

MeeGo, Nokia and Intel’s new merged mobile OS, was announced back in February, but we’ve not seen any images of what the software will look like when it finally ships in new gadgets – until now. Intel’s just outed some new screens showing an early design for both phones and laptops, so read on to see them, plus further MeeGo details.

Intel’s just revealed slides showing MeeGo in action at its IDF conference in Beijing, and they give us a first glimpse at an early design of MeeGo – or at least the chip giant’s interpretation of it so it could change. But what we have here is certainly interesting: first up is MeeGo on a netbook, with Google Chrome as the browser, and social networking tiles eating up much of the home zone space. Another Intel slide from a MeeGo presentation at the conference also confirms that MeeGo for notebooks will support 3G and WiMAX, as well as touch and gesture support.

MeeGo: new partners hint at future gadgets

Then we’ve got MeeGo as it could appear on a smartphone, and well, it looks a lot like Symbian 3, especially the photo gallery. More revealing than anything is the Activity screen shown in one slide, which would appear to collect your web surfing and media playback history, which would be an interesting extension of the the social network streaming many handset makers are focusing on now.

A further slide also reveals that you can expect Fennec (Or Firefox for mobile) as the standard browser for MeeGo on smartphones, complete with Flash support for streaming video, cloud data syncing, an on screen keyboard and VOIP integration, though the latter is hardly surprising since Nokia bundled the Nokia N900 with a solid Skype app, and the Maemo 5 fuelled phone is one of MeeGo’s main predecessors.

Take a look at the early MeeGo designs and let us know what you make of them. Would you ditch a Windows netbook for a MeeGo machine?

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