Steve Jobs email - no more Apple support for iPhone 2G

Steve Jobs has written a rash of emails, seemingly confirming a new Macbook Pro is on the way, talking iPad and iPhoto and teasing iPhone OS 4.0 features. Now he’s dropped another one and it’s bad news for folk still clutching an iPhone 2G. Read on to read the latest economical email from Steve Jobs…

German iPhone user dropped Steve Jobs a line to ask whether Apple will support the iPhone 2G in the future. After the iPhone OS 4.0 launch, we pretty much knew the answer but its good to get it straight from Steve Jobs.

Keeping to his usual pattern of pounding out supremely short emails on his iPhone, Steve Jobs replied with just two words: “Sorry, no.” So there you have it. Your iPhone 2G has seen its last software update.

While the two word email from Steve Jobs doesn’t give us much of a window into the world of the black clad gadget guru, there’s always our dissection of Steve Jobs’s diary.

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