Samsung U250 touchscreen all in one PC arrives

The Samsung U250 and U200 multitouch all in one PCs have been unveiled, marking the entrance of another computing giant in the category. Can these ones stand out? Read on and find out.

We saw a slew of new multitouch all in one PCs arrive with the Windows 7 launch back in September, but better late than never, Samsung is joining the fray with the Samsung U250 23-inch PC, and U200 20-incher. The Samsung U250 packs a full HD screen and a curved shell eerily reminiscent of Dell’s all in ones, while the smaller U200 has a 1600×900 screen that’ll be capable of showing 720p HD video.

Whether the Samsung U250 and U200 will be able to play HD video is another matter though: Samsung has yet to reveal the hardware inside either machine. Care to ‘fess up Sammy? Expect to find out more before the Samsung U250 goes on sale at PC World in May.

Out May | £TBC | Samsung

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