Final Fantasy 9 headed to PS3, PSP

Final Fantasy 9 is headed to the PlayStation Network! The last game in the classic series to appear on the original PlayStation has been given the thumbs up for a revival by Square Enix, so you’ll soon be able to get your classic role play fix on the PS3, or on the move with a PSP just as you can Final Fantasy 7 and 8.

The return of 2000 adventure Final Fantasy 9 has become something of a campaign for Square Enix Shinji Hashimoto, who has been tweeting updates about his quest to get boardroom approval for a PlayStation Network debut for several weeks. Now though, it’s official: a short video clip of Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada confirming that Final Fantasy 9 is on the way has been posted on one of the company’s Twitter feeds.

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Although Square Enix returned first to PlayStation outings Final Fantasy 8 and 7 for the PlayStation Store, Final Fantasy 9 is still a lengthy and absorbing classic with a first class story and ace steam punk setting. It actually rates higher than both predecessors on and Metacritic, so if you missed it the first time round it’s an essential play. Expect more details to follow shortly, and Square Enix, if you’re reading, can we have Final Fantasy 9 for iPad too please?

Out TBC | £TBC | Square Enix (Via andriasang)

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