Nokia boss hints at Snapdragon super fast phone

A Nokia phone with the blazing 1GHz Snapdragon chip inside could be on the cards, according to Nokia head honcho Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Is it a MeeGo mobile? And what else is ol’ OPK planning? Read on for the answers.

In an interview with Business Week this week, Nokia CEO Kallasvuo talked about the Finnish giant’s place in the smartphone landscape, as well as what hardware to expect in future. When asked if Nokia was planning to introduce a phone with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, he declined to comment, but then dropped the juicy morsel that “Qualcomm definitely is a potential partner going forward. The companies did fight a long time in court, and now we see them as a potential partner.”

Nokia: N97 a “tremendous disappointment”

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor is the secret sauce behind several recent power house phones, including the Google Nexus One and HTC HD2, and it could certainly make whatever operating system Nokia might use on top of it (Symbian, Maemo or MeeGo, say) zing. And zing future Nokia flagship phones will have to: Kallasvuo also admitted that the company has to “move even faster. We have to transform the company even faster”, in response to surging interest in iPhone and Android.

Rumours of a high end Nokia phone have been on the backburner for months now, so even if a successor to the Nokia N97 or N900 doesn’t have a Snapdragon chip, we’re eager to see what Nokia’s plans to regain the initiative are. Bring on Symbian 3!

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