iPhone to get Xbox 360 games before Windows 7 Phone

iPhone owner? Well, you could get Xbox 360 games on your iPhone before Windows 7 Phone brings them to your Windows Mobile loving pals. But Microsoft isn’t behind the breakthrough…

Novell has demonstrated a new method for turning Xbox 360 games into iPhone apps and Android could get in on the action too.

Windows 7 Phone is due later this year and will bring XBox 360 games to your mobile but Novell looks like it’ll bring that to iPhone and Android before Microsoft makes its next big move.

Microsoft has partnered up with Nokia to bring its Flash competitor Silverlight to Symbian phones but Xbox 360 games have not hit Symbian phones yet.

So far, Novell has shown an iPhone app version of the Indiana Jones games that Microsoft has used to demonstrate Xbox 360 games running on Windows and Windows 7 Phone handsets.

Windows 7 Phone will run Microsoft’s XNA format which is based on its earlier .NET framework. Novell supports XNA in its MonoTouch product which will allow developers to turn their games built with .NET into iPhone apps. It’s also working on something similar for Android.

If games originally intended for Xbox 360 and Windows 7 Phone handsets can easily be slung onto Android and iPhone, how will Microsoft effectively push Windows  7 Phone as an option for casual gamers? Maybe, Halo is still their best weapon.

Due TBC | £TBC | Novell (via PC World)

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