iPad battery failure - Apple will send a new iPad…for a price

The iPad follows the recent Apple tradition of not offering a user-replaceable battery. So what will you have to do if your beloved iPad has a battery issue?

If your iPad battery fails, the Apple iPad FAQ reveals that you won’t be given a new battery. Apple will send you a new iPad instead. But there’s a kicker, that new iPad will cost you in shipping and service charges.

American iPad owners faced with a failed battery will have to stump up $99 plus $6.95 for shipping. That’s $105.96 (just over £70) but there’s no clue yet how much replacing a busted battery will cost UK iPad owners.

The other thing worth noting should you end up with an iPad with a failing battery is that you’ll need to back up your data. Apple won’t do that for you.

It also goes without saying that Apple won’t replace your iPad if the battery fails due to damage from hazards like liquids so be careful with your coffee mug round your brand new iPad.

If you’re itching to get your iPad now, check out our guide to making your iPad pre-order now.

Due April | £TBC | Apple

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