iPhone app Everyday Looper brilliantly demoed by French man

As iPhone apps go, Everyday Looper has got to be one of the coolest, especially for anyone who spends time making their own music. Just what’s the big deal with this touch sensitive loop station? Read on and you’ll see for yourself, as an amazing YouTube video reveals it in all its four track excellence!

Without further ado, feast your peepers on the Everyday Looper for iPhone video from YouTube user “eulgadjo”:

Annoyingly, this song is now wedged inside my brain and will most likely be there for the rest of the day – but it just goes to show how a cheap app and a measure of skill can combine into something truly impressive on the iPhone.

Fancy a go yourself? You can grab Everyday Looper from the App Store here.

Out now | £2.99 | Everyday Looper (App Store)

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