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iPad UK price details have yet to be officially announced by Apple but it seems Play.com may have leaked them prematurely. After the iPad delay, could the iPad UK prices we’ve spotted be the real deal or is Play.com just guessing?

An eagle-eyed ElectricPig reader spotted that a clue to the iPad UK price can be found if you search for the iPad on Google Products, the search giant’s price finder service. Hop over to Play.com and you’ll just find placeholder pages but on Google Products, iPad UK price details are listed.

Search for “Apple iPad 16GB” on Google Products and you’ll get a iPad UK price of £499. Search for the larger 64GB version and there’s a price of £699.

It’s possible that Play.com has revealed the iPad UK price but there could be another explanation. The current iPad UK price listings are direct conversions from the US prices, originally announced by Steve Jobs, simply replacing the dollar sign with a pound symbol.

We’d hope that Apple won’t simply switch the dollar sign for the pound sign when deciding the iPad UK price. It has happened before but if it did this time, UK iPad users would be getting a pretty bad deal.

Macworld UK is current estimating the WiFi-packing iPad UK price for the 16GB model at £417 with the iPad 64GB coming in at £584. That would be more bearable and as we’ve heard before Apple may be more flexible on the iPad pricing than it has been with previous products.

Let us know what you price you’d be willing to pay for the iPad and whether you’ll be buying one at all.

Thanks to iPad Fan for the tip.

Due April | £TBC | Apple

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