iTunes Replay demoed to studios by Apple

iTunes Replay, a new iTunes feature that will sling both films and music into the cloud for streaming on the go, is back on top of the rumour pile with reports that Apple has been demoing the service to studios. Are we getting ever nearer to iTunes in the cloud?

We’ve speculated in the past about an real time Apple streaming video service. Now reports suggest that Apple is now demonstrating the iTunes Replay service to studios as well as working with music labels.

AppleInsider reported on an iTunes movies-in-the-cloud service last year claiming that it would be called iTunes Replay and the latest whispers sound just like that plan.

The big argument for iTunes Replay is ending the need to stuff up your local hard drive with vast video files and the ability to watch your library from any computer or on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Apple purchased a major data centre last year which would give it the hardware power to make a cloud-based iTunes service work while its acquisition of streaming site LaLa gives it extra software smarts.

We’re due an iPhone update in the summer and iPods usually get a refresh in September, will one or other of these annual events see the debut of iTunes Replay? We’d be willing to put a cheeky little bet on it.

Due TBC | £TBC | Apple (via AppleInsider)

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