Symbian 4 video - 2011 Nokia phone software in action

You won’t be seeing Symbian 4 on any Nokia phones this year, but while the Symbian Foundation forges ahead on mark three to rescue Nokia’s N series line up this year, it’s slipped out what to expect on the version after that on video. See the walkthrough right here!

The Symbian Foundation revealed the first glimpses of Symbian 4 last month, but has now laced up the UI screenhots into a demo video, showing how you’ll jump around. It’s early days of course, but we’re a little bit underwhelmed: the homescreen for Symbian 4 simply looks like Android meets TouchWhiz, and the text menu screens reek of Samsung’s current UI on phones like Omnia 2. We do however love the image galleries, and how the tiles stretch out to fill the screen when prodded.

Nokia casts doubt on Symbian 3 for N97

Unfortunately, Symbian 4 handsets aren’t expected to make it to market until the first half of next year, but since the project’s open source, you can expect plenty more updates on progress along the way. Check the videos out below – will this be enough to take on iPhone OS 4.0 or Android version three?

Out TBC | £TBC | Symbian (Via Fierce Wireless)

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