Honda 3R-C - eco-friendly Tron bike unveiled!

The Honda 3R-C is one radical new way to solve the climate crisis. Honda reckons the concept bike, about to go on display at the Geneva Motor Show, is the solution for city slickers who need to get around without belching out carbon, and when you look like someone out of Tron doing so, who are we to argue?

Created by the Japanese auto giant’s designers in Milan, the Honda 3R-C is actually a battery powered trike, with the electric drivetrain held low down in the chassis to help it keep balance. Honda doesn’t specifiy how many miles it can bust out per charge, but the Honda 3R-C does at least boast a boot at the front, and a “clear canopy” to protect you from wind and rain, rather than mere glass.

Honda predicts that the future of zero emission commuting rests on single person vehicles like the Honda 3R-C. We’re not sure what happened to good old car pooling, but we don’t mind when you get to drive to work in a crazy three wheeler without harming Mother Earth.

Honda’s futuristic eco car charger: photos

The Geneva Motor Show kicks off next month, so we may see some in the flesh photos of the insane Honda 3R-C then and there. In the meantime gorge your peepers on the official pics we have here and dream of what might be.

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