Apple to use iPhone OS on other platforms – Apple TV next

Apple looks like its planning to use the iPhone OS to power more than the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. An Apple job ad seeking a full-time engineering manager to work on the iPhone OS platform points to the plan.

Apple’s ad is looking for an engineer to focus on the iPhone OS’s underlying architecture – hardware drivers, firmware and security – working with teams focusing on hardware, software and custom silicon (that means Apple’s A4 processor which powers the Apple iPad).

The key phrase in the Apple ad is that the candidate will work on “a range of hardware platforms, including iPhone and iPod”. That suggests that Apple is looking to bring the iPhone OS to more devices and the prime candidate would be the Apple TV.

Apple TV has long been in need of perking up and making the UI more iPhone-like could be a good move. The device already runs a version of Mac OS X but bringing the iPhone OS to the Apple TV would open the possibility for apps and expanded iTunes LP and iTunes Extras features.

Aside from Apple TV, expanding the iPhone OS platform could mean Apple is looking to use its A4 processor and an expanded iPhone OS in future Mac Mini, Macbook Air or home server devices.

Due TBC | £TBC | Apple (via Ars Technica)

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