Toshiba StorE TV, monster media centre revealed

The StorE TV is Toshiba’s next-gen media centre. More than a media streamer, it’s a sleek little gogglebox companion that’ll hold all your movies, music and photos, with capacities that start at a whopping 1 terrabyte.

The StorE TV also comes in 1.5TB and 2TB flavours, using Wi-Fi to grab media files from a PC on your home network, before slathering them all over the big screen TV in full HD.

The model we saw is the only one in the world, and has yet to receive the final software. But the abilities of this pre-production StorE TV are still mighty impressive. It’ll handle high quality video, from UPnP devices on your home network, other devices hooked up through USB, an external DVD drive, and even boasts an SD card slot to gobble the produce of your digital camera or camcorder.

The Toshiba StorE TV’s menu also boasts the tantalising prospect of “Internet Services” appearing on the box, although as yet it’s unsure what these will be. A display up front shows the name of files being played back, as well as giving a glimpse of navigation, directories and files. Surprisingly, it’s in colour too.

Due on sale in the UK later this year, the StorE TV is currently aiming for a launch in the third quarter of the year. That’s September to non-marketing types. The pricing details are still up in the air.

Out September | £TBC | Toshiba

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