X2 Windows Slate tablet

Apple didn’t name their tablet the iTablet as some rumours predicted, but one British company hoping to piggy back on the iPad now has: presenting the X2 iTablet Windows 7 slate, with monster specs and absolutely no dignity.

The iTablet is actually surprisingly well specced for something that’s been pushed out of the gate just a week after Apple’s unveiling. It’ll run Windows 7 on a 1.6GHz Intel chip, with a 250GB hard drive inside, and there’s 3G and Bluetooth to get you connected.

On paper, the iTablet actually even beats the iPad in some respects: it packs three USB ports, a 1.3 megapixel webcamera and even HDMI out.

Apple iPad: all the official photos!

It’s worth remembering though that companies have been pushing out Windows tablets for almost a decade now with little success (There’s a reason Apple opted for iPhone OS rather than desktop OS X in the iPad) so there’s little reason to think the iTablet will change anything, especially when it’s 35mm (almost an inch and a half) thick.

Should you feel ready to take fanboy fightback to the next level against Apple though, you’ll be able to pick up the X2 iTablet in 10.2 and 12.1-inch flavours from April. Don’t come crying to us though if things don’t turn out as you hoped.

Out April | £TBC | X2 Computing

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