Duke Nukem Forever footage leaks

Duke Nukem Forever has become one of the most legendary gaming flops of all time. Now footage from the long-delayed and now apparently abandoned Duke Nukem game has popped up on Youtube.

The leaked Duke Nukem Forever footage is dark and blurry for most of the clip with lashings of blood, massive weapons and Duke’s fingerless gloves on display.

When the Duke Nukem Forever clip switches from the gloomy levels, there’s also a glimpse of a sunny Red-Dead-Redemption-style Wild West level.

Legal battles have been raging between 3D Realms and Take Two over the Duke Nukem franchise and while it’s unlikely that Duke Nukem Forever will ever be released, based on the footage, we’d still like a go.

Take a look for yourself and let us know whether you’d like to take a spin with Duke Nukem Forever, just make sure you mute the video to avoid the horrendously inappropriate and irritating music.

Due TBA | £TBA | 3D Realms

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