Google Chrome OS tablet concept video revealed

Google and Apple are seemingly at each other’s throats with Steve Jobs laying the smack down on the search giant so it’s interesting to see a concrete concept for Google’s Chrome OS tablet emerge.

A video concept showing a possible UI for a Google Chrome OS tablet has popped up on the Chromium Project website, home of the developer version of the Google Chrome OS.

The tablet shown in the Google Chrome concept video looks bigger than an Apple iPad and seems to feature multi-touch smarts. It was uploaded on January 25, two days before Apple unveiled the iPad.

While the Chromium Project is the open source element of Google’s Chrome OS development, the concept video were created by a Google employee, UI designer Glen Murphy.

Let us know what you think of Google’s Chrome OS tablet concept vs Apple’s iPad.

Due TBA | £TBA | Chromium Project (via Techcrunch)

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