MSI tablet incoming, first iPad rival revealed

An MSI tablet is set to ship this year, with a 10-inch screen and a $500 (£300) pricetag. Hey, doesn’t that sound just like an Apple iPad?

An MSI tablet prototype running Android with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 graphics was on show at CES earlier this month, but now the DigiTimes reports that it’s set to go to market in the second half of this year, priced at $500.

MSI Dual Screen laptop “ready” this year!

It’s good to see MSI following through with commercial releases of its crazy CES concepts (The dual screen laptop should be shipping this year too), but the news, specs and pricetag of the MSI tablet couldn’t have come at a worse time. Only last night, a certain Cupertino based company unveiled the iPad, with a 9.7-inch screen and $499 starting price.

Worse, since 3G versions of the Apple iPad won’t be arriving outside of the US until at least June, an MSI tablet will be going head to head against it on shop shelves.

Of course, Android continues to gain traction, and actually allows you to multitask, so an MSI tablet could corner a niche sector of the fledgling tablet market at least. We’ll keep you posted: can an MSI tablet survive the iPad hype machine?

Out 2010 | £TBC | MSI (Via DigiTimes)

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