Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 review
We love
Costs nothing, looks great and puts Nokia right back in the game
We hate
Facebook location seems a tad needless
A smart move by Espoo, proving that Ovi Maps is a worthy in-car satnav option

Let’s get this clear from the get go. Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 is not your average “let’s do some road updates” satnav rejig. No sirree. This is Nokia’s new, all-out assault on Google Maps Navigation, giving you completely free access to its full-on turn-by-turn satnav system. What’s more, it’s had a complete overhaul, making it fresher, cooler and perfect for Nokia’s touchscreen titans. So how does it work in the wild? Read our Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 review and we’ll reveal all.

You can nab the Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 app now and slap it onto a number of Nokia GPS-friendly phones. We used our trusty old Nokia E72 and the results were impressive. There’s no doubting that the user interface has been made with Nok’s ever-growing lineup of touchscreen blowers in mind, although it works very well on regular cells too. It plays nice in portrait or landscape, making it every bit as good for when you’re taking a stroll or hooking it up in your motor.

While the taskbar is a handy way for you to sync info with your PC, as well as tinker with your preferences such as which maps you want and what sort of connection you’re using (Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 doesn’t need 3G to get going, just regular GPS), the main screen keeps things simple.

Nokia N900 to get Nokia Ovi Maps free navigation

It’s from here that Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 really comes into its own. The interface is far more intuitive than previous incarnations and zipping around maps is a much more straightforward and slick process than it was previously. Routing information is also notably quicker, delivering us results on how to get across London in mere seconds. That said, on a short route from London’s Centre Point to Covent Garden, it missed a one way road which would have got us from A to B far quicker, adding around 700 yards to our journey.

The addition of Share Location, telling people where you are via Facebook, is certainly clever, although this kind of access to your mates seem a tad gimmicky to us. More useful are the peerless Weather and Events app, delivering details on exactly what’s going on around you. Added access to extras such as ticket purchase via Events, continues to how why a satnav on your phone is every bit as worthwhile as a dedicated PND on your dash.

The look and feel of Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 is brilliant. It compares well to Google Maps Navigation, on which it has jump here in Blighty. Now, Apple, it’s over to you. How about a free satnav iPhone app for starters?

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