Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG B review
We love
Great looks, epic battery, stunning performance
We hate
Old Intel chipset, expensive
The closest a PC laptop gets to matching a MacBook Pro
Launch Price

The top notch Sony Vaio Z series is trying to make its way as the go-to laptop for busy business bods and media junkies. But can this slimline Vaio win us over and convince us to ditch our 13-inch MacBook Pro? Read our Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG/B review and we’ll reveal all.

There’s absolutely no denying that the Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG/B, or the Sony Vaio Z series to give it its easy-to-remember title, is an absolutely stunning piece of kit. Clad in aluminium, it pushes all the right buttons for those gadgeteers who want as much as style as substance from their tech treats.

And this machine has substance in bundles. Fire up the Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG/B and you’ll find the ace Windows 7 Professional nestling on board. More importantly though, you’ll also find a staggering 6GB of RAM and a more then ample 400GB HDD for stashing away all the movies and music you can lay your mitts on.

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And if it’s watching movies on the move that you’re after, the Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG/B is ideal. The 1600×900, 13.3-inch screen uses LED tech, which means it’s every bit as sharp and bright as an equivalent Mac. And that’s a real dealbreaker if you’re still not keen on Cupertino’s computers.

The isolated keys make typing an absolute doddle, but it’s the battery life that will really make your eyes pop. We squeezed an epic nine hours from this bad boy, a lifetime compared to even the most low-powered netbooks currently doing the rounds. If you want an OS that does the lot and a machine without compromise, the Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG/B is it.

For the safety conscious, you get fingerprint recognition tech chucked in, although for our money, this is a gimmick that the Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG/B could do without. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and three USB ports, it has everything you could possibly need without such extras thrown in. The only real letdown is the Intel Core 2 Duo. Plus there’s a spanking new Core i7 Sony Vaio Z series on the way, with some stunning specs. We suggest you wait and grab that when it lands in March.

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