Boxee pay TV due Summer

Boxee, the media hub and soon to be set top box, is to set up a new platform to allow studios and broadcasters to charge for and sell their shows through it. Should iTunes be watching its back?

We were big fans of Boxee even before its incredible set top HD streamer came along, but the new move, which would allow for content providers to charge how they like, whether via pay per view or subscription, could increase the amount of programming available to watch through it, and wean Torrent addicts off piracy too.

Boxee box hands-on photo avalanche!

Starting in the Summer, the payment platform will allow for anyone to sell their show, with Boxee taking a 30 percent cut of the takings, potentially attracting big networks and studios.

Sound a bit like iTunes on Apple TV, doesn’t it? Boxee even name drops iTunes in the blog post announcing the plans, citing it as proof that “people are willing to pay for content when it’s affordable and easy to access.”

Boxee is already available on the Apple TV, but if this pulls in the right partners, it could see Apple’s front end and store going completely unused by a much bigger audience. We’ll shout up as soon as the system kicks in and any takers get official.

Out Summer| £TBC | Boxee

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