Toshiba Satellite L555 review
We love
Hi-res screen, great keyboard
We hate
Bulky, glossy finish, speakers are poor
A decent desktop replacement, but some niggles leave it short of its rivals
Launch Price

Laptops are going two ways. Super-small or super-size. And there’s absolutely no doubt into which category the Toshiba Satellite L555 falls into. With a monster 17.3-inch screen, it’s desperate for you to move on your desktop and stick it in its place. So is it worth the switch? Read our Toshiba Satellite L555 review now and find out.

Inside that hulking frame, the Toshiba Satellite L555 has ample grunt to convince you that making the move from a standard desktop to epic lappie is the way forward. There’s a plentiful 4GB of RAM, a huge 500GB hard drive and an Intel Core 2 Duo. With the latter now outdated by the release of Core i5 and the like, you may want to look into either a newer version, or at least see if you can pick this bad boy up at a cut price.

However, where the Toshiba Satellite L555 really stands out is its screen. Sure, it’s massive, but at 1600×900, it’s ideal for loading up with movies and TV shows when your missus has colonised the TV. While images do appear bright, blacks could be a tad deeper. There are dedicated playback buttons just in front of the panel for flicking through chapters and tunes if you’re listening to music. That said, sound is a major letdown, in spite of some hefty speakers slapped down the side of the machine.

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We were mighty impressed with the keyboard and mouse on the Toshiba Satellite L555. It handled our speedy tapping easily, with the keys nicely spaced and the bobbled touchpad making zipping round web pages and docs a treat. The glossy look though, means you’ll end up with more fingerprints than a police station filing cabinet.

VGA, HDMI and three USB ports mean connectivity is decent, although not groundbreaking. Still, you can hook it up to your telly or an external monitor with a minimum of fuss. While we have no major gripes with the Toshiba Satellite L555, its bulky design is something that really counts against it. If you’re after a desktop replacement, rivals from Asus and Apple are every bit as good, if not better.

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