LOVEFiLM TV streaming - more details incoming

UPDATE: LOVEFiLM has been in touch, and it seems its spokesman got a bit ahead of himself. The announcement, which has yet to be made, will cover the same news Sony and Samsung have already revealed. Did the TV makers jump the gun, or is LOVEFiLM still dotting the Ts and crossing the Is on a deal? We’ll bring you a full update as soon as LOVEFiLM issues its official position.

Notice how LOVEFiLM, the online DVD rental service, has been popping up in new TVs of late? Samsung and Sony are both bringing online LOVEFiLM streaming to their new flatscreens this year, but we could be seeing it on many more gadgets too: We’ve learned LOVEFiLM is preparing a further announcement in the next few days.

Samsung and Sony have already let LOVEFiLM’s cat out of the bag, but announcing Internet@TV and Bravia models respectively with support for LOVEFiLM streaming last week during CES, but LOVEFiLM is now preparing to make an official announcement, and we’ve been told it’ll reveal all within days.

Samsung Internet@TV adds BBC iPlayer and LOVEFiLM streaming

While pressing for further details following Sony and Samsung’s CES launches, LOVEFiLM’s spokesman told us to “wait a couple of days” for “an official announcement,” and telling us to expect the big reveal “before the end of the week.”

It’s not clear what devices LOVEFiLM might appear on yet beyond TVs, but set top boxes and Blu-ray players would be obvious choices. A partnership with Sony meanwhile hints at the possibility of the PS3 gaining LOVEFiLM streaming in the same way it doles out Netflix movies online in the US, especially since LOVEFiLM will be integrated into the XrossMediaBar menus on the new Bravias – the same UI used by Sony on the PS3.

What we can say for sure, thanks to Samsung and Sony’s announcements, is that the LOVEFiLM service will be for unlimited DVD subscribers, letting them stream video as well as check out their DVD rental queue from the TV. Whether LOVEFiLM’s TV streaming service will offer more than LOVEFiLM’s current web browser streaming options on the desktop is still to be seen.

We’ll shout up as soon as LOVEFiLM makes any details official, so stay tuned.


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