Apple downs ahead of Apple Tablet launch

Apple’s finally removed the site of a multi-touch keyboard and touchpad maker it acquired, nearly five years after the event. Could the move be yet another step in the countdown to the Apple Tablet?

Fingerworks was acquired by Apple but its website remained untouched for five years. The removal of the site now could just be a coincidence but the technology it brought on board – a wider range of multi-touch gestures – seems likely to be incorporated in the Apple Tablet.

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Apple Tablet will provide a wider range of multi-touch gestures than the iPhone. Fingerworks’ products prior to be acquired by Apple included a multi-touch touchpad and keyboard with numerous gesture control options.

Plenty of patents have been uncovered since the rumour mill around the Apple Tablet got into full swing. Most interestingly, Wayne Westerman, one of Fingerworks’ founders and now at Apple, has been listed as the author of many of its multi-touch patents. January 27th can not arrive quickly enough. Hurry up please, Steve.

Due TBA | £TBA | Apple (via MacRumours)

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