Samsung Apps TV and mobile app store launched

Samsung Apps is a brand new app store for phones and TVs, announced today at CES 2010 here in Las Vegas. But is it too little too late, more than 18 months after the iPhone App Store first opened for business?

Samsung Apps may not be Sammy’s first attempt at flogging mobile goodies online, but it’s its biggest. It’s a cross platform app store delving up apps for Samsung mobiles and net connected Samsung TVs, expanding on Sammy’s Internet@TV service for net friendly HDTVs launched last year.

Samsung says the first free apps will appear on the store in the Spring, while Premium (Paid for) apps will appear in the Summer, while the South Korean giant says any developers can get on board, not just specific partners.

Samsung Apps is live now over at, though apparently only for mobiles right now. Still, if you’re interested, head on over to find out how you can develop and cash in.

Out Spring | £TBC | Samsung Apps

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